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Battle Zone Archery

Another EXCLUSIVE for Xtreme events, as we place this high pace game into 20 CITY CENTER locations across the UK & Europe. A mixture of Dodgeball & Archery we believe this to be one of the "must do" activities for this season.

Bubble Football

If you haven't heard of Xtreme Soccer yet, then we invite you out of your cave to enjoy the fun! Our flag ship event and one that has taken the nation by storm. A safe yet hilarious method of entertainment for all occasions.

Sports Day

A game filled with Nostalgia. Taking you back to your junior days, the good old SPORTS DAY. A perfect event for mixed groups, Hens, or large corporate team building days. Get your egg and spoon ready, Contact us and let's get it on!

Goggle Football

Who would have thought we could make an event out of this, Play it and you will find out why. Hilarious to watch as it is to play, air shot after air shot, perfect for Stags and birthdays.


Now, I'm sure you have heard of "foot golf" by now, if you haven't, it's exactly that. Golf where you kick a football rather than using a club, and let's be honest who doesn't love either golf or football?

Turbo 10 Cricket

A short, fast paced version of the English classic! Cricket but not as you know it!

Xtreme Dodgeball

Dodgeball they said... Bit soft we said... Not any more we said... Enough said.

Bubble Mayhen

We couldn't deprive the country's Hens of the most popular event to hit our shores this century, Throw away the football, add a few Xtreme games and twists and we have our very own event that the ladies can enjoy. Created by Xtreme copied by others. Let's do the real thing!

Disco Dodgeball

Pretty simple concept, people love dodgeball, people love disco. Put the two together, Bingo! Loud music, and lots of dancing required. Great event for Large groups with no inhabitations!

Sumo Sports

This event will get you rolling over in laughter quite literally as you watch your friends attempt to run and catch a rugby ball or control a football on your chest while wearing our Xtreme sumo outfits.

Xtreme Beach Sports

Xtreme are delighted to announce a new exciting event called Xtreme Beach Sports. We have teamed up with the indoor beach centre in Bournemouth to bring a variety of fun and skilled games on and indoor beach. This is perfect for Stag, Hens and Corporate events as well as team building exercises.

The Xtreme Games

The time has come for Xtreme to grab the bull by the horns and introduce a mass event for the stags and hens of today to enjoy. The same “inflatable” events have been on the market for the last 10 years, and although unquestionably popular they have never been re-launched with that modern twist. Until now!


Iiiiiiiiiinnn One!- a fantasic Stag, or corporate entertainment event hosted in city center spaces nationwide, frustratingly addictive!

Hula Hens

One for the Hens, Work that core to the floor with our fun new activity "HulaHens". hosted by your own professional hulahooper, you will learn some fancy new tricks and flicks!


Xtreme Events is delighted to bring you its Megamix which allows you to combine any 2 events that we offer to make one ‘mega’ event. The Megamix is perfect for Stag, Hens and Corporate events. It provides the opportunity to indulge in a selection of our events and those unique to us.

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