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Essentially we are the guys who make sure you have a good time at your event, whatever that occasion may be. We have a large catalogue of events and experiences that will be sure to keep you entertained.

Starting from our flagship event Xtreme soccer, it quickly became apparent that the nation needed rescuing from the same old mundane events that have been on the circuit for the last twenty years. We took it upon ourselves to be your saviour, and we promise to create fresh, new innovative games for the Great British public to enjoy. We are now a year on from making this pledge, and we must be doing something right. We currently service groups all over the country on a weekly basis. Stag/Hens/Corporate and Birthday parties all enjoy the vast range of games hosted by our fully trained coordinators.

Please use the contact us page to enquire what we can do for your special occasion.

  • Stag Do

    Stag Do

    We offer a selection of packages, perfect for any stag do! Be it a group of rowdy sportsman or a bunch of sophisticated city slickers, contact the Xtreme Team for the perfect stag do! 

  • Hen Do

    Hen Do

    For those who are about to participate in the single most important day in a ladies life, what better than to enter into an Xtreme activity! With a selection of diverse events for all age ranges, contact the Xtreme Team today!

  • Parties


    Finding something different for a childrens party is always a testing time for any parent We can host a selection of great kids packages for any of our games, ensuring your child has a birthday to remember is what we do! contact our helpful sales office for further details.

  • Corporate


    Corporate and team building days are a big part of our business. Every business needs to have fun, right? Contact us for all of our packages

  • Festivals


    Xtreme Events have hosted at some of the premier UK festivals, offering a unique experience to festival goers. Contact our helpful sales team for more information.

Our team

We have a very special team at Xtreme Events, we love what we do and do whatever it takes to achieve our goals. Our bosses always use the saying "together everyone achieves more"... and we believe in it. Our hard work makes your events great!

We are a young, ambitious business and are always looking to add the right people to our ever growing team.

If you feel like you have the right credentials, drop us a line... What’s the worst that could happen?

  • Dan Chillingworth

    Dan Chillingworth

    Managing director and co/owner

    Former professional footballer, restaurateur and all round nice guy, maybe too nice! Says ‘to be fair’ a lot and only ever wears Xtreme Team branded clothing.

  • Warren Whitfield

    Warren Whitfield

    Managing director and co/owner

    Former boy band member and entrepreneur. He knows his stuff and SHOUTS WHEN HE’S ON THE PHONE so be careful! Has a shoe collection in the office!

  • Taylor West

    Taylor West

    Office Manager

    Taylor has been with Xtreme Events since 2014. Taylor deals with the bookings for all of our events. So I'm sure you'll speak to Taylor at some point. Taylor is a keen sportsman, his natural leadership skill is shown being Vice-Captain of the local cricket team. Taylor loves a "Netflix and Chill", so girls form an orderly queue. 

  • Neville Nania

    Neville Nania

    Head of Business Development

    Nev Joins with a 30 year career of account managment and business development behind him, Trusted to ensure that our key accounts are all looked after just how they are expected to be. Also heading up a development team to ensure we are always ahead of the market.

  • Laura Cade

    Laura Cade

    Operations manager

    Keeping the dream alive and everyone in the office on their toes. Brings some much needed glamour to the team. Has to put up with some awful office banter.

  • Adam Tann

    Adam Tann

    Head of new game development

    Another former professional footballer turned Xtremist. Tanny is responsible for developing that next game that is fresh to the market, has a great entrepreneurial mind which will make this role perfect for him! No one knows what he will come up with next!

  • Sheena McClelland

    Sheena McClelland

    Accounts Administrator

    Sheena oversees our accounts department, with vast experience in corporate accounts.Also keeps a handle on Dan and Warrens spending habits. Vital cogg in the Xtreme office and a popular addition.

  • Michael Kay

    Michael Kay

    Key Account Manager/Development

    Nothing really funny about Michael, other than the way he looks, that's why we had to find him something else to do rather than run events. He is in charge of turning Warren and Dans thoughts into reality. God help us all.

  • Rhys Williams

    Rhys Williams

    Co ordinator Wales

    Rhys is Welsh and has a beard which he likes to stroke. One of the first members of the Xtreme Team, likes barn dances, wrestling and sheep.

  • Connor Pinches

    Connor Pinches

    Co Ordinator Wales

    Connor drives the flashiest car in the whole of Wales, which isn’t that hard really but it keeps him happy. Likes Jeremy Kyle, knitting and sheep

  • Craig Corfield

    Craig Corfield

    Co orddinator Manchester

    Aaaah kid “corky”, Great work ethic. Used to play in goal for Bolton under 6s, until someone trod on his little pinky (finger)

  • Aaron Hunter

    Aaron Hunter

    Co ordinator Newcastle

    1 half of our very own Ant & Dec, (Ant) Knows how to get a group going, when you can understand them host a magic event.

  • Neil Thompson

    Neil Thompson

    Co Ordinator Newcastle

    Good addition to the Xtreme team, and the other half of our Ant and Dec (Dec) also Knows how to run a great event. They do like to share events so you may get them both!

  • Michael Pottinger

    Michael Pottinger

    Co Ordinator Newcastle

    Baby of the Xtreme Team, but has a mature head on those shoulders and must have had a tough paper round. Sister got all the looks!

  • Ian Horner

    Ian Horner

    Co coordinator Brighton

    A real coo for the Xtreme team, a transfer deadline day signing. Offers vast events experience and its handy he lives in Brighton!

  • Tim Willis

    Tim Willis

    Co ordinator

    Tim is another last minute local signing. Another with "strawberry blond" hair. Which compliments his glow in the dark complexion perfectly. Always a lively chappy so your event is in safe hands! Unlike his fielding ability. Took 1 catch in 2014.

  • Karl Andrews

    Karl Andrews

    Co ordinator Bournemouth

    Hard working, enthusiastic and reliable. Which is a bloomin good job as Bournemouth is miles away!

  • Ben Pollard

    Ben Pollard

    Co Ordinator Bristol

    Alriiight my lovvveerrr! Ben is a sound Bristolian lad who we hear very little of, which means he must be great at his job! Apparently likes his action figures and kids stuff like that, recently turned 22 with a spiderman cake.

  • Alfie West

    Alfie West

    Co Ordinator

    The youngest member of the West family young Alfie starred as an extra in Green Street! Falls in love at first sight 

  • Sam Baysten

    Sam Baysten

    Co ordinator

    Sam is known as "Sam" in the Sam & Nick duo, they like to coordinate as a two-some so you might be lucky enough to get them both! Let us down last minute at the Xtreme X-Mas do, will they do the same again this year?

  • Nick Patrick

    Nick Patrick

    Co Ordinator

    Nick is known as "Nick" in the Sam & Nick duo, we don't know much about this duo as we never see them as they keep letting us down on Christmas do's, but they must be good at their job as they keep getting raving reviews!

  • Snoop Dawg

    Snoop Dawg

    Head of Office Security

    The Xtreme team pet, loves to sit watching out the window and late night walks along the beach. Scares the postman every day, snores very loud & smells a bit, but still not the worst we have in the office

  • Ian Talton

    Ian Talton

    Finance Director

    Ian is the spreedsheet KING, give him the numbers and he will make a graph of the stats! Ian is bringing a lot of experience and knowledge to us here at Xtreme and also keeping a tight reign on all our spending!

  • Wayne Shingler

    Wayne Shingler

    Co ordinator

    Wayne is one of our top co-ordinators based up in Preston and holds a key roll in delivering a high standard of events across the area.

  • Adam Wilson

    Adam Wilson

    Co ordinator

    Adam is a top co-ordinator covering the cambridgeshire area. His enthusiasm makes for a top bloke and events co-ordinator.

  • Paul Holmes

    Paul Holmes

    Event Coordinator

    Paul is a top addition to the Xtreme team, with a wealth of coaching experience, you are sure to have a top event. Has the brightest trainers on the planet, also, if you ask him nicely he will tell you about the time he met David Beckham……

Happy customers

We are delighted to include some of the UKs largest house hold names as valued customers, We are equally delighted to say over the past year we have serviced over 6000 private groups which meant over 90,000 happy faces. Below are a few of our customers, and their comments.


  • "Hi Ed. Thanks for a great party yesterday. My son and his friends had a brilliant time! Superb event and well organised."


  • "It was brilliant thank you and Aaron was great!... We're all aching now but would do it all again!... Thanks so much."


  • "Had an amazing day... Michael is a great asset to your business, kept us entertained!"


  • "We've just returned from the venue, and I was honestly crying with laughter. It was just too funny to watch... I can really recommend it to all."



Our continued growth is down to the fantastic organisations we partner with. Below is a selection of our valued partners. We are lucky enough to have partnered with the leading brands and organisations within the industry they apply their trade. With the continued support of these partners we continue to place smiles on the Corporate, Hen and Stag and Birthday parties of the UK.


We are delighted to announce we have officially partnered with Powerleague, the UK's number 1 pitch provider! To bring you the ultimate in bubble football events in all of their centres across the UK! Our deal means Xtreme Events have the exclusive rights from 2016 to provision bubble football events within Powerleague football facilities


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