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So, You fancy yourself as a bit of a superstar footballer, you have seen the Videos on YouTube and said to your mate " i would get 180 easy" now's your chance to prove them all wrong!

Xtreme Events introduce to you a stag/party event like no other, Xtreme Football-darts! 

You will be broken into teams to compete against each other in a "balllseye" style game of football darts. on the reverse of the usual dartboard we have the prizeboard! here is your chance to attach forefeits to different numbers, keep out of the black and into the red! as we aim to punish the stag.

A fantastic event for any football loving group, why not combine this with any of our other events and create your own megamix. 

We even send your Stag home happy with his very own Xtreme Tankered,

Please get in touch on 01487 465001 for more information on booking your event!


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