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Congratulations Sheena

Posted on: 19th Jan 2017 by: Xtreme Events

Sheena, 2 years with the Xtreme Team.

This week we are celebrating...Sheena has been with Xtreme Events for two years. 

Sheena is our Accounts Administrator and has been with Xtreme Events since 2015. When Sheena started we were a small team of 4 people. With Sheena's help and expertise we have grown significantly in that time. She also keeps us on our toes, you wouldn't want to mess with Sheena if you've only 'swilled' out your mug. Talking of toes, Sheena is committed to doing 10,000 steps a day. She’s often walking on the spot in our office meetings, or walking Snoop the dog on her lunch break.

Even though Xtreme is a nationwide company, we like to think of ourselves as a family. We all work as a team, and have upmost respect and loyalty towards each other (Not the dog though. He only likes Warren and Warren and Sheena are the only ones that like him.) Thanks for being part of the Xtreme Team Sheena, we would be lost without you. 

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