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Posted on: 12th Jan 2017 by: Xtreme Events

Hula Hens, the new event from Xtreme Events, exclusively at Docklands and Shoreditch.

Having just returned to Xtreme Events after 9 months off, there is certainly lots to catch up on. New venues, new locations, new staff and most importantly new games. There is one that has really caught my eye, Hula Hens.

Now, if like me your childhood was filled with skipping ropes, Skip-its and hula hoops, this event is right up your street. I used to spend hours with my hula hoop seeing how long I could hula for. I think the record was a whole episode of Byker Grove. Little did I know back then, that not only is hula hooping great fun, but a great way to burn calories.

Xtreme Events have teamed up with Hula Fit (you may have seen them on Dragons Den) to bring a fun packed event. Hula Hens will have you swinging the hoop around your hips, arms & legs, get you dancing and you will learn a few tricks too.

I for one can not wait to have a turn. In the meantime, I have borrowed a hoop from the store cupboard and set an office challenge- who can hula for the longest. Join the teamâs progress on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We would love to see your own attempts #xtremehulachallenge.
For now, I will be taking a hula hoop home for a cheeky practice session. (Not that I am competitive at all!)

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