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At Xtreme Events we are proud to have had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the UK and US to offer corporate and team building events. We have loved them and we know that they went down a storm with the teams.

The corporate and team building events are slightly different to our run of the mill events as they are slightly longer in duration with teams competing in a tournament format. Of course it wouldn't be an Xtreme event without a few little twists througout the day but again it would spoil it if we told you what to expect right?

Contact the Xtreme Team today to get your corprate or team building day package booked!

Whether your are looking to bump your colleagues around in our Xtreme Soccer event or battle your whits on the Dodgeball Court or in a three legged race in the Old School Sports Day, we can build the package to suit you! Why not combine 2 or 3 of our events for a whole day of Xtreme fun!

To set up and run your event we have a dedicated team of organisers who will help you set up your event exactly as you want it which can include finding the perfect location plus any extras you want during the event. They then hand over all the information to our team of fun, friendly and fully trained co-ordinators to manage your event on the day. 

Xtreme Corporate Megamix

If you are thinking of having a corporate day then why not combine 2, 3 or even 4 of our Xtreme Events to try your whits at all of our unique events. Promised to provide a twist to your usual run of the mill corporate days why not mix and match with a day of Xtreme Dodgeball and Binocular Football with a game of our flagship Xtreme Soccer to finish. You can pick from any of the event sthat we offer and we will build the day how you want!

Why not give a member of the Xtreme Team a call today and get your corporate of team building package booked with us!

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