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Goggle Football

Forget a mixture of bird watching devices and football, this event is set to be our most innovative to date

Sounds like it’s going to be boring right?

Wrong! - Absolutely Hilarious event which is simply bonkers to get your head around weather you are watching or taking part.

Whilst the event name suggests the use of binoculars we have in fact sourced our own unique Xtreme goggles. Our in house game developer has scoured the globe in order to find the perfect Xtreme goggles for this event, showing our continued desire to bring you the most innovative events on the market. Our research finally landed us in a foreign land where we found the perfect goggles which provide the perfect strength of visual impairment to make the event the nationwide success we know it will become.

The event entails a game of football whilst wearing Xtreme goggles that take the ball 10x further away. Or closer to you. Watching people take fresh air kick after fresh air kick and then seeing the bemusement on their face is priceless! The smaller sided games have been developed in line with the goggles to not only enhance our event but to add the ultimate twist on the beautiful game

Flashbacks of those air kicks will leave you in fits of laughter for days after the event!

This event is perfect for Stag Do's, Corporate Events, Team Building Days.

Age: 14 +

Location: This event is available nationwide

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