Bazooka Ball Available Throughout The UK

Now, Bazookaball sounds like a type of ammunition you would genuinely put inside a rocket launcher however, that didn’t quite end well for one of our business ventures, so we decided to change it.

Xtreme brings you Bazookaball, an exciting, thrilling and competitive activity that Stags, Hens and children can enjoy all year round. It is the perfect event for Stag and Hen do’s if you fancy shooting your mates for an hour or so. For the little ones, it is a better alternative to paintball as Bazookaball offers the same experience with no bumps and bruises to follow up.

If you are familiar with first-person shooters, you should finesse your competition but Bazookaball is easy to grasp and people can bring down the house.

Before your arrival, our co-ordinator will have everything set up for you; guns, masks, bunkers etc. The venue will also be as convenient as possible for you and your group and will be no more than 3 miles from the city centre. Dependant on the classic British weather, your event will be hosted indoors or outdoors.