Kwidditch Available Throughout The UK

Broomsticks at the ready! Gear up for an epic battle against your mates in a game of Kwidditch! We take you into the world of wizardry as you fly around on your broomstick. Well, you most likely won’t be flying around because that would be weird. You’ll take part in various games throughout your Kwidditch event such as Last Wizard Standing, Cast Your Best Spell and many more.

We’re fairly confident that by now, everyone is familiar with the speccy kid known as Harry Potter. If not, have you been living under a rock? Kwidditch is a huge part of the Harry Potter world and it has become a huge influence within our Stag, Hen and Corporate market. We like to bring this fantasy to life and bring you a fun and magical activity for your special occasion.

Before your arrival, one of our friendly Xtreme co-ordinators will have everything set up for you so you can get straight into your event. Upon arrival, our co-ordinator will dust off the ancient scroll of “Health and Safety” and go through all aspects and procedures of your event. Once all that health and safety stuff is out of the way, it’s time to get stuck in! You’ll grab a cape, headband and the all-important broomstick and the games will commence!

Our co-ordinator will start you off with a warm up before you get into the games of  Kwidditch, just to get the blood pumping and to add that extra competitive nature to your event. You’ll place a bib on your broomstick along with your entire group and the aim is to take the bibs off of your opponent’s broomstick. After the warm up, it’s time to get your game face on as you’ll want to be ferocious and you’ll want to bring you’re A-game if you want to beat the team with the hardcore Harry Potter fans.

Kwidditch is a way to unwind on your Stag/Hen Do and to just release your inner child for the day. It’s also a great for teambuilding activities, so you can add that extra competitive edge as well as bragging rights in the office for whoever wins your game of Kwidditch.