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If you're looking for the perfect Stag Do event with a unique twist then look no further than our current crop of Xtreme Events. From Zorb Football to Xtreme Dodgeball to Experience Days we have the perfect event to make your day or weekend unforgettable.

Zorb Football our flagship event is now one of the most popular events for stag groups and we are proud to bring you the most unique Zorb football experience on the market. It's a great way to get the fun and laughter going before a night out a and a perfect way to blow away the cobwebs the day after! We think it could be the ultimate hangover cure, although our advice should you take it, is not to book it too early in the morning.

Zorb Football is now up there with traditional stag activities such as go karting and paintbull, but with the added bonus of being located in every major city location across the UK and we are now delivering events in Europe! We also have the option of being able to bring the event to any location near to yourself so ask the Xtreme Team on enquiry.

Why Choose Xtreme Events?

With 99% of our participants going away with a huge smile on their face and loving their time at one of our Xtreme Events, we know that the future is looking 'xtremely' exciting!

With our commitment to constantly add strings to our bow, Xtreme are excited to offer Xtreme Dodgeball, Xtreme Footgolf and Binocular Football alongside our special existing events to ensure that your Stag Do is unforgettable!

Booking your stag party with Xtreme Events guarantees an amazing experience with us happily in the knowing that you'll leave with your face aching from laughing so much! When the whistle blows it is every man for himself, whether that be a smash in the zorb or on the dodgeball court you best bring your A game!

As it's a 'special' day for the stag we like to add a bit of a Xtreme team twist to our events and our Xtreme coordinators will give you all the opportunity to give them a little bit of treatment! But we wouldn't want to reveal all on here, we will leave that to your imagination!

For more information on one of our unique stag do's contact the Xtreme Team today! 

zorb football
Who's for Bubble Football?
zorb football
zorb football
zorb football

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