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The time has come for Xtreme to grab the bull by the horns and introduce a mass event for the stags and hens of today to enjoy. The same “inflatable” events have been on the market for the last 10 years, and although unquestionably popular they have never been re launched with that modern twist. Until now! We have launched the Xtreme Games, a masterpiece of an event that caters up to 160 people competing against one another in one fun filled afternoon.  A mixture of stags and hens lock horns as they compete in the super colourful 4 quadrants. Each game offers something completely different as we test your team for speed, mental ability, and endurance all whilst keeping that massive smile on the face! Those giant sacks and sausages are much harder than they look!


This activity is only available in Bournemouth every Saturday between March and September.


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