Ballseye Football Darts Available Throughout The UK

If you were asked to put two things together that just don’t belong together what would you say?

Chocolate fireguard, an ashtray on a motorbike, a concrete parachute? It wouldn’t be too long before you mentioned an inflatable dartboard! – however we have just that, and its not as useless as you might think…..

Xtreme events brings you Ballseye football darts, a giant inflatable footdart board with velco footballs that leaves no question marks around how accurate you are. A perfect event for football loving groups, weather that’s a kids birthday party or a stag party, ballseye is a winner!

Your event will be hosted within a venue no more than 3 miles from the city centre.  We will erect the giant football dartboard on a 3G pitch facility outdoors or inside in a sports hall and  our co ordinator will have the inflatable board blown up ready for your arrival 15 minutes before your start time.