Birthday Parties's With Xtreme

Treat your little ones to a birthday party they will never forget. Gone are the days of just going to McDonalds, or just having a sleep over, let’s get these kids active!

An unforgettable day of laughter and fun, there is no substitute to seeing your child’s face when they first set eyes on the zorbs.

With Xtreme Soccer we know that children love the idea of bashing into their friends, so let them do it in a safe and fun way in our zorbs. For children aged 8-11 we have specially designed zorbs to fit them perfectly offering the ultimate protection. Your child’s safety is paramount to us.

Whether your looking to bounce your way around in a Zorb, get onto the Dodgeball court or out onto one of the UK’s leading Footgolf courses one of our Xtreme Co-ordinators will be on hand every step of the way to make it unforgettable.

All of events are available for adult parties from Xtreme Soccer to Disco Dodgeball so contact our Xtreme Team today for more information or to get booked up for one of our events!

Whether you are looking for a party for your son or daughters birthday or for your own or friends, Xtreme Events have the event to cater for all ages and make your day one to remember!