Battlezone Archery Tag Available Throughout The UK

If this game had been invented when Robin Hood was around I don’t think we would be thanking the inventor in the same way as we can today! – We would have a country full of thieves as the main man and hot shots arrows just bounce kindly off the robbers stealing from the poor. Luckily for us and for Robin hood, Battle Archery was only invented relatively recently. So good old Robby still has his fantastic reputation in tact and we have a game in our portfolio that rivals any other for sheer adrenaline. So we CAN thank the inventor. This activity has been in our portfolio for 4 years now and has hit the heights of TV fame when the cast of Geordie Shore took part in a game of Battlezone Archery in 2018 after the 5 star reviews given by the cast the game has gone from strength to strength with us now hosting well over 1000 sessions each year for stag and hen parties as well as private birthday and social gatherings.