Bubble MayHEN Available Throughout The UK

It wouldn’t be fair if we deprived the nations hens of the most popular event to hit the UK’s shores. We know football isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so we designed a specific one-hour activity that gives the ladies of the UK the opportunity to get inside the bubbles without a football in sight. The participants will take part in Wacky Relay Races, Bump the Bride and other small-sided games. Bubble MayHEN, of Bubble Mayhem as it is also known, is an activity that is bursting with popularity – and after playing you will realise why!

We offer this event all year long – the only obstacle being ice and frost. Safety is paramount for all our customers. The decision will be down to the event coordinator as to whether it is too dangerous. This event can be played inside or outside.

10 bubble suits
Xtreme Events coordinator
Venue hire
“Mr & Mrs. Quiz” at half time
Bottle of bubbly for the bride