Goggle Binocular Football Available Throughout The UK

Goggle Football is a great way to feel the effects of being drunk without the dreaded hangover for all the stag and corporate participants. Kids can enjoy goggle football as a new, wacky experience within the world of football. For Stag and corporate groups, it doesn’t get much better than playing football with your mates and having a laugh the entire way through your event.

When you leave your event, you’ll be itching to play Goggle Football again or, you’ll never want to drink again. We wouldn’t recommend drinking before participating in Goggle Football for obvious reasons.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your Xtreme Events co-ordinator who will go through all the boring but all-important health and safety aspects of your activity. Once all of that stuff is out the way you can run to the first pair of Goggles you see, and experience something bizarre. Goggle football will consist of different small sided games such as Keep Ball, Penalty shoot-out and much more. We like to think of Goggle Football as a training session with visual impairment.

People will fall over, and people will laugh, its guaranteed, but no one will be hurt we can assure you of that. The goggles are specially designed to either cause objects and people to look really close or far away. To ensure no team has an advantage over the other, we keep the goggles mixed within the teams so neither team will have the same goggles on.

Before getting to your event, we advise you not to boast about being the top goal scorer for your team or having trials for West Ham but you couldn’t play because of your knee injury, because all of that goes straight out the window when you put them goggles. The last thing you want is everyone laughing directly at you due to the fact you fell over a cone. But that’s what this event is all about, having banter with your mates and colleagues. We will ensure that you leave your event dying of laughter.

Now all you have to do is book in for a game, sounds easy enough. We will provide a venue no more than 3 miles from a city centre that is convenient for you and your group.

Are you ready to play Goggle Football?