Old School Sports Day Available Throughout The UK

Close your eyes, sit back, and cast your mind back to 1988, I’m hoping your around the same age as me here! – you can smell the fresh cut grass, the sound of over excited mums and dads are cheering louder than you would perhaps like. A sound of an ice cream van sounds off…… you get the jist! If I was to ask you where you were where would you say??-  your old school sports day of course!

This event is absolutely perfect for the hen groups of the UK to enjoy a fully inclusive event suitable for all ages, gender, and physical ability.  A real ice breaker for the mums, aunties, sisters and hens to muck in together for a bit of light hearted but competitive fun. Probably our most popular hen activity, we run the old school sports day all over the country in over 250 locations. So if your location is not on the list please drop us a message on the enquiry form and we would love to assist you with your event.