OMG (MIND GAMES) Available Throughout The UK

Strap yourselves in for this mind munching activity. OMG Mind Games will have you scratching your head, twiddling your thumbs and pulling out your hair as you take part in various unique tasks to become the OMG Champion! OMG stands for multiple things; Odd Memory Games, Office Mind games, Original Methodical Games and many more.

We’re confident you’ll be itching to play once your event is booked in! Before you arrive, our co-ordinator will have everything set up before you arrive so you can dive straight in. But before you do, the co-ordinator will go through all aspects of health and safety to ensure you’re aware of all risks and precautions. They will also give you a brief introduction of what to expect form OMG Mind Games and they will explain how each task will work.

Once all the boring stuff is out of the way, you’ll want to put your thinking cap on as you go through multiple tasks alongside your competitive colleagues. The most common words you’ll say are “What?” and “How?” as you will try and wrap your head around each and every task. Mock your colleagues as they fail to complete a task you gracefully owned and use your imagination to complete certain tasks. We will tell you now, the tasks are not easy, you will not breeze through them and some tasks will melt your mind.

Every day is a school day and we believe that you’ll walk away fully brain trained and confident in your ability to work under pressure. The aim of OMG is to bring a work place together and to get fellow colleagues talking amongst one another, debating if that’s the correct way to do it or if that’s the right answer. The tasks are designed to add that competitive edge within your group. Your group will be split into 4 teams (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow). All games are light hearted so teams will compete for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. Each task will test your mental and strategic skill as well as practical thinking and general common sense. So yes, some of your team members may send you mad.

OMG is a new and unique way for your team to bond and work together. It’s a lot different to your typical team night out and it differs from various other team building activities.

There will be a head table where all team scores are kept via tokens and it is where the infamous OMG Mind Games trophy will sit until it is time to be lifted.

Do you think your team has the ability to compete against not only each other, but their  own mental ability?