Turbo 10 Cricket Available Throughout The UK

Turbo 10 Cricket is run very much like your traditional game of cricket. However, our added Xtreme twist of 10s instead of 6s and our “Turbo Overs” make this fast-paced, short format of the game even more exciting.

Ideal for all abilities and of course, it wouldn’t be an Xtreme event without a few twists along the way! Turbo 10 is 6-a-side, 10 overs per innings game, played on a reduced-size pitch with a soft cricket ball – so no protective gear needed! Here comes the unique twist… Batsman can have an unlimited amount of turns and all the players must bowl. Plus, we have thrown in 3 overs per innings called “Turbo Overs”, where all the runs are worth double! If you didn’t think it could get any better, we have also upped the worth of a “6ix” to 10 runs! Batsman will be required to retire at 20 and the game will include a 10-run deduction so you best make sure you’re retiring and not costing your team valuable runs. All of this makes for a dynamic and highly enjoyable playing experience and it’s great to watch too. The event can be held at either indoor or outdoor venues across the country with all the equipment provided.