Xtreme Games Available Throughout The UK

Do you think you and your mates/colleagues are fit for the challenge?

We’ve grabbed the bull by the horns and introduced a ground breaking event we call Xtreme Games!

Once you have arrived, the coach will explain all the health and safety elements/procedures (the boring stuff) and how the games will work. After the briefing, you’ll be ready to dive straight into the inflatable obstacle course! You’ll be split into teams and the team size depends on how many participants there are. If there is a rather large group, the teams will be split across the zones and they will be rotated so every team can compete in every zone.

In Xtreme Games, you will be competing against your mates/colleagues in various zones of challenges. Each zone has a unique a set of unique challenges ranging from mental, physical and skill so you will have to work hard and smart to outwit your opposition. It will be a tough competition, but teamwork makes the dream work!