Disco Dodgeball Available Throughout The UK

Want to play dodgeball but worried it’s a bit lame for your group? We’ve taken some of our favourite tracks from yesteryear and thrown dodgeball into a mixing bowl to bring you “Disco Dodgeball”!

We’ll take you back through the years all whilst you play various Xtreme Dodgeball games throughout your event. You’ll be guaranteed to be singing and dancing for the rest of the day! It’s a fantastic activity that involves the whole group, the shy ones can’t hide as we kick-start your event with a dance off! As of all Xtreme events, there will be the odd surprise for the Hen. One thing that is for certain – you will be dancing your way to the nearest bar after you’ve finished your event and we can’t blame you; we would do the same ourselves.

This indoor activity is jam-packed with various games with each game having their own soundtrack that will definitely get you moving. You may even have to rely on your dance moves to win the game.

15 minutes before you arrive, our coordinator will have the disco already set up for you and your group so you can dance your way into the sports hall! The coordinator will go through all of the boring yet very important health and safety aspects and procedures once you’ve arrived. When all that stuff is out of the way, you can get your groove on!

The team will be made up of 5 – 10 players that will be identified by different coloured bibs and headbands. The game will revolve around the classic dodgeball rules and will incorporate several smaller dodgeball games. This is where the Xtreme fun and laughter really starts – as your team will pit their wits against the opposition in Wrong Arm Dodgeball, Behind Enemy Lines, Captain America and many more.

As you may now know this activity consists of dodging, ducking, diving and dancing – so make sure you’re not the first one out! This fast-paced game is perfect for those looking to work up a sweat before the big night out!