Local Sights and Attractions

The Old Harry Rocks are a great sight and an interesting trek if you’re group are a fan of the outside. The rock formation has formed over time with the chalk cliffs contrasting against the blue sea, making it quite picturesque. Of course, you should try and visit the natural Poole harbour on your stag weekend in Bournemouth, which is another great sight to behold. If you fancy making a day of it and want to explore a little further, you could go off to the Brownsea Island, which is actually owned by the Natural Trust, hence its natural beauty you should expect on your arrival. If you’re groom is a grown-up kid who refuses to be an adult then you might want to take a look at Adventure Wonderland, that’s if you can handle kids everywhere, potentially not the best idea if you’ve got 12 beers in hand. The Pier is inevitably a famous attraction where you can blow all of the 2p’s in your wallets or take on a number of group racing games. If you arrive during that rare time of year where the sun is beaming down at full heat, then you might actually be able to have a beach holiday, who needs Spain?