Local Sights and Attractions

Most will flock to the Pier, being such a memorable sight and a great place to burn those excess 2p’s in the wallet. There are also some great rides you can try out, while you can get a wristband on the Pier offering you unlimited rides.

You should also look to head over to the Royal Pavilion, which looks more like something you’d expect to find in India. The gardens are great to chill on if you’re all fighting a hangover, however you’re not allowed to crack open a beer.

The newly opened Upside-down house is a bizarre experience. As the name suggests, everything is upside down, making the photos hilarious, the perfect souvenir from your Brighton stag do.

Right next to the Upside-down house is the British Airways i360, which offers great views of the whole city, including the burned down Pier. A ‘flight’ takes around 20 minutes and while there is a bar up there, you should be warned there are no toilets, so go before you head up and be careful not to drink too much while up there.

If you fancy watching a flick while celebrating your Brighton stag weekend, then you can go to the oldest continuously running cinema in the UK, the Duke of York. It was actually voted the number one cinema in the whole country, so this isn’t just a gimmick, it is an experience.