Local Sights and Attractions

If you can handle the extreme number of tourists then you have more options than you can throw a cat at. Big Ben is a great view you have to tick off at some point in your life, while the Tower of London is also a great sight. If the royal family tickles your fancy then you could head on over to Buckingham palace, after spending the day in Hyde park.
For views over the entire city, the London Eye is a great option, while the prices are actually relatively decent. You should also head over to Trafalgar Square to get some shots of the famous landmarks and pigeons galore.

We could write forever about the tourist attractions, including Westminster Abbey, the British museum, the palace of Westminster and St Paul’s Cathedral.

You could also look to get on a boat trip (or a boat party) along the River Thames. But whatever you do, don’t try and swim in the Thames as it is very dangerous. You can also book a speed boat tour, where they play out classic James Bond songs as they tear through the water.

If you’re a football fan then you will also have plenty of stadiums and potential games you could see as a big group. No other city can boast this level of extremely talented football clubs, including Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Crystal Palace and West Ham, you have a core section of the Premier League. Below them, you have the likes of Fulham, Brentford, QPR and Charlton.